Dell Alienware M18X(ALW18D-3848)

Item No.: 4710

Product Description

Operating system: Windows 7 
CPU model: Intel i7 3740QM
CPU frequency: 2.7GHz
Memory capacity: 16GB
Memory type: DDR3 1600MHz
Hard disk: 2TB (1TB+1TB)
Description: 5400 RPM hard drive
Drive type: built-in Blu ray drive
Description: Blu ray drive
Screen size: 18.4 inches;1920x1080
Card type: have a fever class graphics card
The graphics chip: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M
Memory capacity: 2GB;GDDR5
Camera: 2100000 megapixel camera integration
Wireless network card: built-in wireless card
Bluetooth: support, Bluetooth module 3
Battery type: 12 core lithium battery, 9700 Ma
Weight: 5.41Kg
Size: 436mm*332mm*53-54.2mm
Case description: black, red