LightUP Power bank(Crystal)

Item No.: 4691
Capacity: 89 x 59 x 10mm

Product Description

Product Details
When offering a client a business gift rather than a promotional item the act of giving, the packaging, the wrapping all needs to be considered just as a birthday or Christmas gift to an individual would.
Promotional Power Banks are the very latest, must have, incredibly useful Business Gift for 2015
The Crystal Power Bank looks great, both in it's Apple-esque neat, clear box, through to the actual presentation of the product itself.
Branded with either a Full Colour Print protected by a clear crystal plate, or Engraved with the resulting design backlit in colour both options provide an excellent opportunity for creating a stunning promotional business gift.
Packed inside the clear case comes a three piece USB cable with both iPhone connectors (iPhone 6 compatible) and a micro usb connector for models such as Samsung and LG. The unit itself takes the micro usb and is recharged via the USB connector through either a laptop or computer.
Product Size: 89 x 59 x 10mm, Print area: 89 x 59mm
Print Colours: Full Colour
Product Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Available in 2000, 3000 , 5000 and 8800mAh battery sizes.